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Welcome to Abaya Malikah, an islamic clothing store – online, based in Medan, Indonesia. Our products includes high quality abayas and caftans from the Middle East. We also provide other islamic attires which are modest, elegant and according to the sunnah and syariah laws. Our aim is to get our customers to be able to dress modestly according to the sunnah and get satisfied with our products. Happy Shopping!.

Kami menawarkan beberapa jenis bahan kain yang berbeda untuk produk-produk abaya kami. Masing-masing mempunyai perbedaan dan ciri khas tersendiri.

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French Jelbab Rumaisha

French Jelbab Rumaisha is an overhead garment with a balloon-shaped hands. Suitable for active women or mothers.


Colour Options:
– Black
– Navy
– Dark Grey
– Maroon
– Bottle Green
– Dark Brown
– Eggplant

Fabric options:
– Black: formal jetblack
– Other colours: woolpeach/Korean Amigea

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